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invoicing - a ruby Invoice Framework

Posted about 11 years ago by Philip Ingram

While on a quest for a tax form ruby gem (haven’t found one yet), I did find this little “gem”.

invoicing is a relatively new gem that is a framework for, well, creating invoices.

I’ll let their README speak for itself:

The missing link between your app and the money

Enter the Ruby Invoicing Framework RubyGem, or invoicing gem for short. It’s a collection of tools which provide the basic mechanisms for supporting financial transactions within your own application.

If you are interested in trying out this gem of a gem, just note that it isn’t a gui with fancy images etc. This gem is more of a backend processor for generating client invoice information. I’ve can think of a couple uses that I’d like to utilize this gem in, seeing as I’ve already written 1/2 of this style of code in an app I’m working on.

I hope to give a brief tutorial on how i used it in an upcoming application, even if it’s not this one I am working on now.

Side note about the makers of this gem

This ept computing also has a cool service called Go Test It . To me it looks like a service that takes your clicks in a Firefox browser and mimics them across many the standard 3 OS’s and their own versions of their popular browsers. Really cool. I just found it, so don’t hate on me if it isn’t that good :-).


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