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Working with Heroku

Posted over 11 years ago by Philip Ingram

Working with the Heroku instant ruby platform was a real treat.

While I’ve spent time learning and crafting my own sys admin skills over the last 2 years, it appears that heroku really could have made that pursuit moot. Heroku makes deploying apps that easy.

To boil the process down, I thought I’d post my really easy guide to getting your rails app deployed onto heroku. So boiled down, that I’ll just give you the code and as little words as possibles. Here you are:

  • Signup for a Heroku account
  • rails your_app
  • cd your_app
  • git init
  • git add .
  • git commit -m “adding new app to heroku”
  • heroku create my_app
    You’ll need to enter your email and password when prompted
  • git push heroku master
  • heroku rake db:migrate

Notes about Heroku

Simply put, you are creating a git repo with a heroku remote address, but you have access to your heroku account using the heroku command, for such things as creating your project and rake tasks.

If you need to add gems, such as clearance or whatnot, the documentation has how you can go about doing so here.

Lastly, i think the default database is SQLite or postgres (need to confirm this), but i do know it’s not mysql. I say this because of a RAND() command in my app and heroku did not like it. Changing to RANDOM(), which is both postgres and SQLite friendly, solved the dilemma.

If you need someone with heroku experience, or you are in need of a web application, feel free to contact us.


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