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Two Questions to Help Decide Between RDBMS, MongoDB or CouchDB

Posted almost 11 years ago by Philip Ingram

I am by no means an expert on the topic of Key Value Stores, or noSQL databases.

However to make the decision easier, I came up with a two question system whose answers appear to guide one to the proper choice.

The concept – Answer yes or no to these two questions

1. Do you want to use Migrations in your new app? Yes or No.

If No, go to next question.
If Yes, use RDBMS (MySQL, Postgres, etc…)

2. Do you care that Every Record is Saved to the database?

If No, use MongoDB
If Yes, use CouchDB


These answers should get you going in the right direction when you are just starting on your web app development journey.

Now all that is left is learning a new ORM, shoehorning your existing knowledge to work with it, etc etc… the fun stuff.


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