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Testing Rails 3 - Just the Facts

Posted almost 11 years ago by Philip Ingram

While I’ll leave the technical jargon to those that care to write that, I’d like to share with you a simple way for you to test your own Rails 3 app.

I’m using k776’s generate_rails_app.rb script from this gist .

Ensure you install the bundler gem before doing the rest, it’ll make it easier

I did the following just to be safe

    mkdir ~/bugmash
    mkdir ~/bugmash/weblog
    mate ~/bugmash/generate_rails_app.rb

Then you just copy and paste that gist into your fresh script and then run the script after you save it.

    ruby ~/bugmash/generate_rails_app.rb ~/bugsquash/weblog/

Other gotchas?

Oh of course. in order to start script/server i had to update the gems json and mongrel. I know you know how to update gems…

First Impressions of Rails 3

Where’d the config.gems go?

It appears all of the config.gem code that you used togo in the environment.rb file is now in the Gemfile file in the rails root. Also the environment.rb file is wrapped in it’s own namespaced module. cool.

I’m going to test devise gem from plataformatec and Jose Valim. I’ll post separately about that.


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