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Top 10 Movies of this Decade... Rebuttal

Posted almost 11 years ago by Philip Ingram

Ok, given this horrible list of movies as seen on this yahoo list and a twitter conversation or three we had, I decided to give my list of the….

Top Ten Movies of the 2000’s.

In a particular numerical order here they are:

#10 – Dark Knight

The performance from Heath Ledger really was amazing, and it had the darkness and special effects needed to make a well rounded hollywood movie.

#9 – Lost In Translation

Bill Murray win. Scarlett Johansson win. I love the subtleties of this movie and how it made you feel.

#8 – Garden State

I haven’t seen scrubs, but i do love this movie. It’s imagery and weird stories make it a one off film that TIME and interesting people made. Probably won’t be duplicated again, especially by Zach Graff, as lightening doesn’t strike twice.

#7 – Elephant

Gus Van Sant’s best movie, in my opinion. The way it was disjointed in shooting and the way that it made you feel, makes it a winner in my book.

#6 – The 40 Year Old Virgin

The only real Apatow movie worth seeing. Yeah i said it. I laughed my ever living balls off, from start to finish, and it had enough corny cheeseballishness to make a brother feel good after seeing it.

#5 – Me, Myself and Irene

Sneaks in as a turn of the millennium Carey classic. Another laugh out loud awesome fest of biblical proportions.

#4 – The Weather Man

Nick Cage’s plight as a fucked up weather man. Sounds strange but again, strange things happened to him and it takes you on a nice ride.

#3 – Broken Flowers

Another Bill Murray movie which i quite enjoyed.

#2 – Punch Drunk Love

Adam Sandler loses it, and how he’s treated made this movie awesome.

#1 – Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Jim Carey and Kate Winslett play two of the best characters i’ve seen developed in a long while.

This is how i’ll keep my list i think. I may change my mind, but either my tastes have changed or I haven’t LOVED anything in the last couple of years.


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