iie labs

About Us

We are a Canadian company specializing in Deploying and Developing your web based idea in Ruby, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

We don't reinvent the wheel if the wheel isn't broken. So we'll use the latest open source technologies over creating bespoke code.

We're smart business minded problem solvers. We let Designers design, and Developers develop. Everyone has their skill sets, so if there is something, or someone, that needs to be added then the right person for that job will be added.

We are Business minded

Nothing matters more to your idea then to do it correctly, in an efficient manner. Our billing strategy is set around you knowing that premise. By booking 10 hours a week (or month) you get our undivided attention on your project and pay for just the results.

Not only do you just pay for what was created/figured out in those 10 hours, but we build a relationship and knowledge about the project that will make other things quicker in the future.

We've sold a web app; helped startups; ran web apps; subcontracted; built web app ideas from scratch; integrate paypal into web apps. We will make your idea awesome.

Looking for a Rails sub contractor?

You could say that we specialize in that too. You probably have a job that you need someone to do, while you do another part of the project. Whatever you need, contact us and we'll help your company out.

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